Dedicated Servers

Optimized, harden and fully managed servers.

Fully managed, real-time monitoring, security, upgrades & optimizations included.

Optional daily backups in the cloud, your sites have never been totally safe until today.

Fast and optimized servers powered by LiteSpeed & SSDs. Your websites will load faster than ever before!

cPanel control included. Get full control of your website through your web browser.

Full Managed Optimized Servers

Powered by LiteSpeed & ElasticSearch. Optimized PHP & MariaDB.
DDoS protection included.

Have you got more powerful requirements?



We monitor your server 24/7/365 and keep it updated, secure and optimized to ensure your websites will run smoothly and with no issues.


We actively monitor your server and maintain the security of our systems by performing security tests regularly and daily automated anti-malware scans.


Optional Load Balancing to improve performance during traffic spikes and tolerance in the event of failures and off server backups on RAID 10 disks.


Your server will support many code languages including Perl, PHP 7 and Ruby on Rails just to name a few.


All our services includes Standard Ticket Support 24/7 and chat support.


Free Softaculous software installer included to allow you to automatically install more than 430 apps.


Will your hosting perform better than my current hosting?

Absolutely. Our dedicated servers are optimized for big websites by making use of a caching system, Litespeed, RAID 10, CDN, ElasticSearch and numerous optimizations. You will be definitely notice performance improvements!

Will you migrate my site for me?

Todo10 offers unlimited free migrations from cPanel or Plesk. For sites that require a manual migration due to complexity or a different control panel please contact us for a quote.

What type of technical skills do I need to manage my hosting?

We manage every technical aspect for you. However, we also include an easy-to-use cPanel Control Panel that gives you power/control over your entire website.

How many domains or emails can I host on my hosting plan?

Unlimited. There is no limit regarding domains, email accounts, databases or anything!

What is Hardware RAID?

A redundant array of disks (RAID) allows high levels of storage reliability. RAID is not a backup solution. It is used to improve disk I/O (performance) and reliability of your server. RAID spreads data on multiple hard disks, balancing overlapping I/O operations.

What is LiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed is one of the faster web servers in the industry. The biggest difference between LiteSpeed Web Server and Apache (the web server most web hosting companies use) is in the design of their architecture. Litespeed web server increases the performance & scalability through its unique event driven architecture. It has the capability of serving thousands of clients simultaneously with minimum usage of server resources such as Memory and CPU.
The uniquely developed & optimized code of Litespeed increases the PHP performance up to 50% as well as serves the static content faster than Apache. It has the capability of handling sudden spikes in traffic as well as help in managing DDOS attacks.